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MVA - A hearing at the motor vehicle administration is a hearing that will debermine if your license will be suspenced, revoked or if no action will be taken. The preciding official is called an administrative law judge.

The education, training and experiences of your lawyer can make the difference in the final result. A question frequently asked is whether or not to submit to a breathalyzer test. Upon receipt of your call we will explain these issues to you. If you have gone to court, have been found or plead guilty, and question what happened, we can explain your rights to appeal and other post judgment rights you have.

When defending your DUI or driving on Suspended or Revoked License case "RESULTS ARE EVERYTHING" You need the lawyer who can provide an excellent opportunity to get your case dismissed and provide an excellent result. Our first step is to help you learn what DUI defenses may be available upon receipt of your call. The call is complimentary. 410-486-1800 24/7.

Helpful Legal Terms

MVA - Motor vehicle administration. In an MVA hearing an administrative law judge decides if you can retain or lost your license.

Impeachment The process of calling a witness's testimony into question. For example, if the attorney can show that the witness may have fabricated portions of his testimony, the witness is said to be It is also called the constitutional process whereby the House of Representatives may impeach accuse of misconduct high officers of the federal government, who are then tried by the Senate. <

Opinion - A judge's written explanation of a decision of the court or of a majority of judges. A dissenting opinion disagrees with the majority opinion because of the reasoning and/or the principles of law on which the decision is based. A concurring opinion agrees with the decision of the court but offers further comment Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission - The agency established by OSHA to adjudicate enforcement actions under the Act

Official reports - The publication of cumulated court decisions of state or federal courts in advance sheets and bound volumes as provided by statutory authority

On a person's own recognizance - Release of a person from custody without the payment of any bail or posting of bond, upon the promise to return to court

Oral argument - Presentation of a case before a court by spoken argument; usually with respect to a presentation of a case to an appellate court where a time limit might be set for oral argument

Order - A mandate, command, or direction authoritatively given. Direction of a court or judge made in writing.

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