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Upon receipt of your case we can explain
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Upon receipt of your call, we can explain DUI defenses that you may not know about. These defenses can make the entire difference between winning or losing your case. Even if you believe you are guilty, the state may not be able to prove you are guilty. "I have watched this happen many times." When you retain Jack I. Hyatt, you will get an excellent opportunity to have your case dismissed prior to trial. "RESULTS ARE EVERYTHING". Our objective is to avoid a PBJ or a DUI criminal conviction that can stay with you for the rest of your life, result in multi-year insurance increases, loss of your license and a possible jail sentence.

Jack I. Hyatt is an experienced lawyer for DUI, Driving on Suspended or Revoked License, Speeding, Radar and MVA Hearings. As a past Assistant State's Attorney, Jack I. Hyatt has gained experience in over 20,000 cases. He thoroughly knows the state's play book, understands police mistakes, what defenses are effective, and is able to use BOTH SIDES of the law to provide you with an excellent opportunity to get your case dismissed prior to trial, keep your license, avoid probation before judgment, avoid a criminal conviction for DUI and multi-year insurance increases.

The call is complimentary. You may be SURPRISED to learn what defenses are AVAILABLE. You can call now to learn your options.

Jack I. Hyatt is available to represent you in every Maryland county, Baltimore city and the Maryland Federal Court. Frequently, pleading guilty or paying a fine prior to trial can be a big mistake. You can either schedule an appointment, or if you are more than 20 miles from our office, or out of state, you can begin your case by telephone, in which event, the steps we take and the result will be identical.

Client Comemts.

Thanks for a job extremely well done in getting my DUI, negligent driving, and all 11 related charges dismissed prior to trial so I did not have to appear in court and also having my MVA hearing dismissed."~N.M. "I was worried about my DUI charges from the day I was charged until the day you called several days prior to trial indicating all charges would be dismissed and I would not have to appear in court. Thanks again for suggesting I not accept the state's offer to plead guilty."~R.F. "Your strategy of electing a jury trial and aggressive defenses which resulted in getting my DUI case dismissed was outstanding. The result was better than I expected. You're the lawyer they need to speak with. ."~~K.P. "Thanks for suggesting I plead not guilty and getting my Howard county DUI case dismissed. Your advice throughout the case was outstanding. ~~F.H. "Your advice and efforts exceed my expectations as you suggested I plead not guilty and my fourth DUI case was dismissed. I appreciate your answering my questions and keeping me informed throughout the entire case. "~~ R.J. "Your representation was tremendous in getting a stet in my Wicomico County DWI case. You're the lawyer they need to consult and speak with. W.C. "I was extremely worried about my pending DUI charges due to two prior DUI convictions. Your aggressive representation was excellent in getting all DUI charges dismissed prior to trial. You were always available to answer my questions." ~~T.D "The result you obtained in my third DUI case was outstanding. Thanks. M. J. "Your representation and results exceeded my expectations in my DUI case."~~J.D.H "Thanks for your hard work and results in my second DUI case. I recommend your services."~~A.C. "Your straight forward answers to my questions were greatly appreciated. Thanks again for getting my Federal DUI dismissed."~~ S.E. " The result you obtained in avoiding incarceration in two separate DUI cases was outstanding." B.B. "Thanks for a job well done in getting my driving uninsured vehicle dismissed so I did not have to appear in court."C.F. " I am so glad I selected you as my lawyer and did not plead guilty as I originally intended as your representation resulted in getting my driving on a suspended license charge dismissed. Thanks for a job well done." ~~ D.B. " Your diligent representation was excellent in getting me a PBJ for my second DUI. The outcome was better than I expected." Thanks. ~~ I.A. " Thanks for suggesting that I plead not guilty in my Cecil County driving on suspended license charge and getting the case dismissed." ~~K.C.

Each case is different and past records are no assurance that the lawyer will reach a favorable result in any future case.

++Both Maryland lawyers, and out of state lawyers, have selected Jack I. Hyatt to represent them in their **PERSONAL** DUI cases.++

The police are required to follow very strict procedures. The police officer's failure to do so can lead to the dismissal of your DUI case. What is referred to as a "Technicality" or "Loophole", is actually a way of using the constitution to have your case dismissed. I understand how to dismantle the toughest cases, even with the highest breath test results. I also understand exactly how physical illnesses, mental illnesses or disabilities can be confused with DUI and can make an effective presentation to the court in an effort to get the case dismissed. I have seen this happen many times.

The education, training and experiences of your lawyer can make the difference in the final result. A question frequently asked is whether or not to submit to a breathalyzer test. Upon receipt of your call we will explain these issues to you. If you have gone to court, have been found or plead guilty, and question what happened, we can explain your rights to appeal and other post judgment rights you have.

When defending your DUI or driving on Suspended or Revoked License case "RESULTS ARE EVERYTHING" You need the lawyer who can provide an excellent opportunity to get your case dismissed and provide an excellent result. Our first step is to help you learn what DUI defenses may be available upon receipt of your call. The call is complimentary. 410-486-1800 24/7.

Helpful Legal Terms

Jurisdiction - The power or authority of a court to hear and try a case; the geographic area in which a court has power or the types of cases it has power to hear

Jurisprudence- The study of law and the structure of the legal system

Jury - A certain number of men and women selected according to law and sworn to try a question of fact or indict a person for public offense

Jury Administrator - The court officer responsible for choosing the panel of persons to serve as potential jurors for a particular court term

Justiciable - Issues and claims capable of being properly examined in court

Key number system - A research aid developed by West Publishing Company which classifies digests of cases in to various law topics and subtopics which are given paragraph numbers called Key Numbers. Each key number for a given topic helps the researcher quickly find all references to the legal matter being researched

Lapsed gift - A gift made in a will to a person who has died prior to the will-makers death

Larceny - Obtaining property by fraud or deceit

Law - The combination of those rules and principles of conduct promulgated by legislative authority, derived from court decisions and established by local custom

declared incompetent, or other person under some disability

No Bill - This phrase, endorsed by a grand jury on the written indictment submitted to it for its approval, means that the evidence was found insufficient to indict

No-contest Clause - Language in a will that provides that a person who makes a legal challenge to the will's validity will be disinherited

No-fault Proceedings - A civil case in which parties may resolve their dispute without a formal finding of error or fault

Noise Control Act - A act which gives government agencies the right to promulgate standards and regulations relating to abatement of noise emissions

. Nonfeasance - Nonperformance of an act which should be performed; omission to perform a required duty or total neglect of duty

Nonjury trial - Trial before the court but without a jury

Notary Public - A public officer whose function it is to administer oaths, to attest and certify documents, and to take acknowledgments

Notice - Formal notification to the party that has been sued in a civil case of the fact that the lawsuit has been filed. Also, any form of notification of a legal proceeding

Notice to creditors - A notice given by the bankruptcy court to all creditors of a meeting of creditors

Nuncupative will - An oral unwritten will

Oath - A solemn pledge made under a sense of responsibility in attestation of the truth of a statement or in verification of a statement made

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Law Blank - A printed legal form available for preparing documents

Law Clerk - In the United States, usually a law school student employed by a law firm to do research and other tasks. In the courts, a lawyer or law school student employed to do legal research

Lawsuit - An action or proceeding in a civil court; term used for a suit or action between two private parties in a court of law

Leading question - A question that suggests the answer desired of the witness. A party generally may not ask one's own witness leading questions. Leading questions may be asked only of hostile witnesses and on cross-examination

Legal aid - Professional legal services available usually to persons or organizations unable to afford such services

Legal process - A formal paper that is legally valid; something issuing from the court, usually a command such as a writ or mandate

Legal texts - Books that cover specific areas of the law, usually dealing with a single topic

Legislation - The act of giving or enacting laws; the power to make laws via legislation in contrast to court-made laws

Legitimate - That which is legal, lawful, recognized by law or according to law

Leniency - Recommendation for a sentence less than the maximum allowed

Letters of Administration - Legal document issued by a court that shows an administrator's legal right to take control of assets in the deceased person's name

Letters Testamentary - Legal document issued by a court that shows an executor's legal right to take control of assets in the deceased person's name

Liable - Legally responsible

Libel - Published defamation which tends to injure a person's reputation

Licensing boards - State agencies created to regulate the issuance of licenses

Lien - An encumbrance or legal burden upon property

Limited Jurisdiction - Refers to courts that are limited in the types of criminal and civil cases they may hear. For example, traffic violations generally are heard by limited jurisdiction courts

Litigant - A party to a lawsuit

Litigation - A lawsuit; a legal action, including all proceedings therein

Living trust - A trust set up and in effect during the lifetime of the grantor

Loose-leaf services -Loose-leaf replacement pages provided by a publisher in areas of the law where changes occur at a rapid rate

Magistrate - Judicial officer exercising some of the functions of a judge. It also refers in a general way to a judge

Malfeasance - The commission of an unlawful act

Malicious prosecution - An action instituted with intention of injuring the defendant and without probable cause, and which terminates in favor of the person prosecuted

Malpractice - Any professional misconduct

Manslaughter - The unlawful killing of another without intent to kill; either voluntary or involuntary

Marshal - The executive officer of the federal court

Martindale-Hubbell Law - A publication of several volumes which contains names, addresses, Director specialties, and rating of United States lawyers; also includes digests of state and foreign statutory law

Mediation - A form of alternative dispute resolution in which the parties bring their dispute to a neutral third party, who helps them agree on a settlement

Memorandum - An informal note or instrument embodying something the parties desire to have in written evidence

Memorialized - In writing

Merger - The absorption of one thing or right into another

Minor - A person under the age of legal competence

Minute book - A book maintained by the courtroom deputy, which contains minute entries of all hearings and trial conducted by the judge

Minutes - Memorandum of a transaction or proceeding

Miranda warning - Requirement that police tell a suspect in their custody of his or her constitutional rights before they question him or her

Misdemeanor - A criminal offense lesser than a felony and generally punishable by fine or by imprisonment other than in a penitentiary. Naturalization - Process by which a person acquires nationality after birth and becomes entitled to privileges of citizenship

Negligence - Failure to use care which a reasonable and prudent person would use under similar circumstances

Negotiation - The process of submission and consideration of offers until an acceptable offer is made and accepted

Next friend - One acting without formal appointment as guardian for the benefit of an infant, a person of unsound mind not judicially

Objection - The p Misfeasance - Improper performance of an act which a person might lawfully do

Mistrial - An invalid trial, caused by fundamental error. When a mistrial is declared, the trial must start again from the selection of the jury

Mitigating circumstances - Those which do not constitute a justification or excuse for an offense but which may be considered as reasons for reducing the degree of blame

Mittimus - The name of an order in writing, issuing from a court and directing the sheriff or other officer to convey a person to a prison, asylum, or reformatory, and directing the jailer or other appropriate official to receive and safely keep the person until his or her fate shall be determined by due course of law. Mitigation - A reduction, abatement, or diminution of a penalty or punishment imposed by law

Moot - A moot case or a moot point is one not subject to a judicial determination because it involves an abstract question or a pretended controversy that has not yet actually arisen or has already passed. Mootness usually refers to a court's refusal to consider a case because the issue involved has been resolved prior to the court's decision, leaving nothing that would be affected by the court's decision

Motion - An application made to a court or judge which requests a ruling or order in favor of the applicant. Motion in Limine - A motion made by counsel requesting that information which might be prejudicial not be allowed to be heard in a case

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Murder - The unlawful killing of a human being with deliberate intent to kill: Murder in the first degree is characterized by premeditation; murder in the second degree is characterized by a sudden and instantaneous intent to kill or to cause injury without caring whether the injury kills or not

Mutual assent - A meeting of the minds; agreement

National Labor Relations Board. NLRB - A federal agency which prevents and remedies unfair labor practices by employers and labor organizations

rocess by which one party takes exception to some statement or procedure. An objection is either sustained allowed or overruled by the judge

Occupational Safety and Health Act OSHA - A federal law designed to develop and occupational safety and health standards promote . Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission - The agency established by OSHA to adjudicate enforcement actions under the Act

Official reports - The publication of cumulated court decisions of state or federal courts in advance sheets and bound volumes as provided by statutory authority

On a person's own recognizance - Release of a person from custody without the payment of any bail or posting of bond, upon the promise to return to court

Opening statement - The initial statement made by attorneys for each side, outlining the facts each intends to establish during the trial

Opinion - A judge's written explanation of a decision of the court or of a majority of judges. A dissenting opinion disagrees with the majority opinion because of the reasoning and/or the principles of law on which the decision is based. A concurring opinion agrees with the decision of the court but offers further comment

Oral argument - Presentation of a case before a court by spoken argument; usually with respect to a presentation of a case to an appellate court where a time limit might be set for oral argument

Order - A mandate, command, or direction authoritatively given. Direction of a court or judge made in writing.

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